Anti-Intellectuals are Killing the Church

Here’s a short quote that eloquently says what I’ve been thinking for a long time, but didn’t know how to say it without sounding too harsh:

The pursuit of the knowledge of God is replaced in many with a pursuit of something that merely works. And by works, often what is pursued is a version of Christianity that brings forth the American dream rather than the Kingdom of God. This prosperity and selfish attitude has caused a slumber, a slumber in the proverbial classroom, and the church is now awakening to an exam for which it is not prepared….  many believers are ill equipped to speak about anything that does not have a mascot in a meaningful way. And in that regard, society should place us at the kids table. If we don’t have anything meaningful to say, we ought not say anything at all. — Michael Sherrard (from, How the Church’s Anti-Intellectualism Will Be Her Jailor)

Question for Warriors: Can you speak about our Savior and His Word (the Bible) with as much depth of knowledge as you can speak about bikes, politics, your work, or your favorite hobby?

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