Truth, Logic, and Eternity

This last week, I’ve noticed something very bothersome while reading and watching the news, talking with people around the county and checking into Facebook. It seems that people these days not only lack a functional BS filter, but have no desire to logically examine statements and arguments they hear. So it seems that I’m almost […]

No Fence to Sit On

(Something to keep in mind as we interact with those who say they just can’t decide whether to follow Christ or not. Well said, Colin! — Curly) Matt 12:30 “He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters. (NASB) This is a little bit of a […]

On Hell and The ‘Unpardonable Sin’

Last Tuesday, we took a look at ‘The Unpardonable Sin”, and how just exactly what that sin is has been a point of mystery and contention for the Church for centuries, and whether there is a contradiction between Matt. 12:31 and the multitude of passages that indicate that God is willing to forgive any sin […]

Going Home

(This is a message by Pongo about home, family, and how we as parents and members of God’s family should operate. He makes some VERY good points, and we should all take his conclusions to heart. — Curly) Novelist Tom Wolfe once made the statement, “You can’t go home again.” Now, I don’t often quote […]